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Available Services

Industrial 3D Scanning & Printing

3D Scanning is at the forefront of modern prototyping and reverse-engineering. Utilising state of the art laser scanning speeds up the process of capturing current-state data and allows it to be used for Reverse Engineering, developing parts for new applications or producing replacement parts that may be hard to source. SLA & FDM 3D Printing available.

Precision Machining

Tired of waiting for long CNC lead times? Large machine shops won't take small volume jobs? Precision machined parts can often take a long time to prototype or conduct ongoing development on because of this. Short lead times available for most small envelope, small-run jobs requiring Mill & Turn operations.

Signage, Decals, Textiles

Our CNC Dragknife give us the ability to make labels, decals & signage as well as cut other materials such as textiles, carbon fibre and leather. This capability allows us to prototype from these materials as well as supply decals from warning labels to those all-important finishing touches to your product.



Utilising a wide range of engineering tools, we provide a complete end-to-end prototyping service with the aim to get your product to market as quickly as possible. With experience and capabilities from a variety of industries we aim to make producing a quality prototype of your part easy and seamless.

Sheet Metal & Fabrication

Sheet metal parts are used in almost every industry, from electrical boxes to converting existing plastic parts to sheet metal for strength and durability. 

Engraving & Marking

Small envelope cnc engraving is available for parts like identification plates, prototype PCB's, decorative parts and stamping.

Complete Reverse Engineering

Manufacturing parts for existing equipment or applications often requires reverse-engineering to determine the critical factors of the project. This can include a variety of services that can be difficult to manage when those services are being provided by a number of vendors.

Digital Engineering Services

Our wide range of digital engineering services include CAD and Drafting, Rendering, Product Animation and post-processing of 3D scanned meshes and pointcloud data.

Miscellaneous Operations

Working with both in-house operations and tooling as well as outside contractors, We can achieve a wide array of other operations such as flaring, piping and fitting, electronics & electrical operations, custom PCB and more to suit the application of your project

Industries we service


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