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This product is completely plug & play for GTS-T only. Our R33 Skyline Combination Catch Can fits in the oem bolt locations that the original washer reservoir is secured with. This kit allows the car to retain factory functionality of the windscreen washers and converts some of the unneccessary volume in the reservoir to a staple item that most users will fit aftermarket solutions for.  This design is intended to be packed with stainless steel or polymer wool. 


Optionally available are any combination of genuine OEM washer pumps (pre-installed), 2x fully assembled breather hoses at correct length, each fitted with 1x 45 deg and 1x 90 deg -10AN hose ends, and -10AN push-fittings to convert the cam cover breather vents to AN-style fitment if your existing covers are not already converted.

Available in Brushed aluminium or Texture Black powdercoat tested and complied to Australian Standards.

Made in Australia

R33 Skyline (GTS-T) Combination Catch Can / Washer Reservoir

SKU: AP-EB-R33-CC-01
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