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Ventress Engineering

Concept & Manufactured Prototypes

Reverse Engineering
Industrial 3D Scanning, Modelling & Printing

Custom Products & Manufacturing


About Ventress

Prototypes & Custom Products

Ventress Engineering specializes in small or single run products, new designs and innovative items for select industries such as manufacturing, automotive and motorsport, mining and robotics. With Ventress, you have power over your own product. Contact us for a quote or for more complex tasks book a consultation at either our Brisbane office, or a virtual face-to-face online.

Services Include

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3D Scanning is at the forefront of modern prototyping and reverse-engineering. Using state of the art laser scanning speeds up the process of capturing current-state data and allows it to be used for catalogging, comparison and visual aids in addition to providing a foundation for design.

3D Scanning

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Whether it's to prepare your product for mass production, or create a professional design to build from, our CAD and Drafting packages offer a great essential foundation to your ideas. We can even provide photo-realistic renders for that all-important first impression without committing to parts.

Engineering Design


Tired of waiting for long CNC lead times? Large machine shops won't take small volume jobs? Precision machined parts can often take a long time to prototype or develop because of this. Short lead times available for most small envelope, small-run jobs.

Precision Machining

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Using both SLA and FDM 3D printing, our large array of machines allow for fast production of printed parts as well as high-resolution prints for prototype dummy parts, moulds, tools and even final parts.

3D Printing


Brisbane, QLD - Australia

07 3319 0869

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